Michael Pillion’s mum stopped him from having soft drinks when he was a kid. Now the ban has sparked a multimillion-dollar business.

When Julie Pillion’s was raising her children, the Sydney mum would always think twice before letting them have fizzy drink, knowing the sugar-packed beverage could wreak havoc.

“I stopped serving soft drinks at birthday parties when the kids were very young, just because we realised that they were full of sugar and bad for them and made them go quite crazy,” she told news.com.au with a laugh.

She taught her children well. When son Michael Pillion grew up he too would avoid a regular soft drink fix, despite being fond of them.

“I always had a sweet tooth but obviously I was pretty health conscious so never really dived deep into soft drinks,” the now 40-year-old said, “but I always wanted a cheeky sugar-free alternative so that was my inspiration behind the Famous Soda Co.”

Today the mother and son duo are co-founders of a soft drink company with products they would happily serve at a birthday party — and have landed lucrative deals with Woolies and Coles in the process.

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