Approximately 12 months ago I discovered the Famous Soda Co. range and I could not be happier.  Being diabetic I am always on the lookout for genuinely tasty, sugar-free drinks, and whilst there has been an absolute plethora of kombucha-styled products flooding the market in recent times, there does seem to be a dearth when it comes to good old fashioned, full flavoured soft drinks.  And on the rare occasion I have come across them, within no time they seem to be discontinued to make way for yet another round of culture-added drinks.  And whilst I have no issue with these per say, enjoying some of them myself as well as appreciating their usual avoidance of the more toxic sweeteners, there does seem to be over-representation of these types of drinks on the market.

So stumbling across Famous Soda Co with their absolutely delicious range of six, clearly distinct soft drink flavours -  more again when you venture to mix them - was a most welcome discovery.  My absolute favourite combo is a mixture of Cola & Pink Lemonade, which has proven quite the hit with our friends this summer.

More important to me however, the Famous Soda range has proven to be a fantastic secret weapon in my recent weight loss journey.  During the 2020 lockdowns I gained approximately 10 kilos, and after struggling to lose the extra weight I had been feeling quite down, and had lost a lot of self confidence.

In early 2021 I decided to make a really concerted effort to shift the extra weight, adopting a mindful eating program combined with regular exercise, and utilising my Famous Soda drinks to help me offset cravings.  Because they are so rich and full flavoured, they are surprisingly satisfying, & I found I was able to replace a lot of my not-so-ideal late night snacking with a bottle or two of these instead.  Many a time they have helped keep me on track with my eating plan when I otherwise would have faltered.

So I persevered, and after sticking with it for just under a year now I have finally managed to shed the extra weight, gaining some much needed confidence in the process, and finally feeling like my old self again.  And whilst I do not advocate that what the scale shows is the thing of most importance, I do advocate that being happy and comfortable in your own skin is.  And for me personally, maintaining my weight within a certain range definitely makes managing my diabetic condition easier.  No we are not all created equal, sadly, but there are attitudes & strategies we can adopt to at least even up the score a little!

The Famous Soda Co range is available at various retail outlets such as Woolworths Supermarkets, but the company have just introduced a fantastic loyalty-based program with an autoship option that includes a 15% discount and free delivery.  I personally hate lugging heavy shopping bags home from the supermarket, so I am taking full advantage of the autoship program to have my discounted selections delivered directly to my door, free of charge, at the frequency of my choosing, with the option to easily change any of the details at any time.  Wins all round!

So if you haven’t tried the Famous Soda range yet, and like me you want healthier, sugar-free options that actually taste good, do yourself a favour and give them a try.  They are a genuine family company, making a fantastic niche product right here in Australia, & at the same time doing their bit to reduce the insane amounts of sugar we find in so many of our products these days. And I now hear they are also diversifying into lollies!  Yet to come across decent sugar-free lollies, so very much looking forward to trying those! Stay tuned!

Rae, Melbourne Vic

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